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Rental properties are a good investment because they generate passive rental income as the property appreciates in value. This allows you to build equity over time. You can also benefit from property depreciation as a tax write-off every year.


The process

Chido investment takes care of the full process from start to finish. We find the deal, negotiate the purchase price and financing options, secure the loan, buy, and sell the property. We oversee the Trust and property management company, as well as handle the accounting services and investor distributions.

Before purchasing a property, our experts look at the neighborhood’s market value, rental pricing, and occupancy rates. We review all financials and calculate the rent-to-value ratio, interest rates, as well as projected rent increase and appreciation for the next five years, to ensure a profitable result.


Time frame

A rental property is typically a five-year investment. Once the first five-year period is over, Chido Investment has the right to decide whether to renew for an additional five years or sell the property.

If Chido decides to sell, we put the property on the market for sale and close the investment. If Chido extends the investment for another five years, investors have the option to renew. Every investor in the series can choose to either renew the investment or sell their share. However, their shares can only be sold to the existing investors in the series, at fair market value. If no investors in the series want to buy the other shareholder out, Chido will sell the property.


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