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House flips are a great option if you are looking for a short-term investment with the potential to yield great profits. We specialize in flipping single-family houses under $500,000 because of their high demand. These homes have great potential for added value and easy financing options for buyers, making them easier to sell.


The process

Before initiating a purchase, our experts identify the property’s potential for transformation. Each house is unique, so we look for ways to add the most value based on the property’s individual needs. This could mean changing the layout of a house, landscaping, hardscaping, adding square footage, building an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit), or all of the above. Our experts also estimate the cost of construction in comparison to the anticipated sale price, to ensure a profitable end result.

All houses go through extensive interior and exterior renovations. We work with award-winning architects to produce our custom design, layout, and color combinations. Due to the size of our construction team, we are able to delegate our workers to different areas simultaneously, allowing us to complete projects in remarkable time.


Time frame

A house flip is approximately a 6- to 12-month investment. The timeline starts the day we sign the documents, followed by purchasing, designing, permitting, renovation and ends the day we close escrow. After that, the accounting team will calculate the profit and the Trust company will disburse the money to the investors within 30 days.

NOTE: Sometimes the estimated time frames can be delayed due to events outside of our control.


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