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Selling a house can be stressful and the process can be challenging. From dealing with real estate agents to walk-throughs, open houses, repairs, staging, cleaning, moving arrangements, paying out your mortgage, and not knowing if a buyer has the financing to buy your house, the traditional method of selling a house may not be for everyone…


The Good News Is - We Offer an Easier Solution!  CHIDO Investments are trusted home buyers in Ontario. Together with our team, we will work with you to help buy your house, condo, or rental property, with terms that work for YOU.

We make the process as stress-free as possible


  1.  Fill out some information about the property give us a call to tell us more about the house and how we can help 

  2. We look into the property and call you back with a range of what we can pay. From there, you can decide if and/or when you'd like us to come out to the house.

  3. We book an appointment to come out and look at the house (once), and either present with you with an offer on the appointment or follow up in 24 hours with an offer.

  4. You review the offer. If it works and you are happy we all sign and it goes to the lawyer's office to proceed with closing. You choose the closing date that works for you, and keys and money get exchanged through the lawyer's office on the closing date



Get Your Cash Offer Fast!

We are Ontario's best Private home buyers.

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We will contact you shortly. 

✔️ We Buy Homes in Any Condition or Price Range.

✔️ You Don't have to evict, clean or make any repairs.

✔️ SAVE On Realtor Commission or Fees! 

✔️ NO Gimmicks or Obligations!

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